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We talked a bit, laughed aboutthe whole thing and thanked each other for being so great. He fell sleep fast. Because sleep was still elusive for me, I just lie on my back and read a book. Still in my leather corset, I looked at my boyfriend’s beautiful face. Oh how I love him. I feel that the years we have spent together have been the best days of my life.

In that island, we have rekindled what we started with. I brought with me my leather corset to make him feel hot. That’s my intention! At day time, we would hold hands and watch sunrises and sunsets. It’s awesome – we never talked about work or problems, we just lived for the moment. The small moments happen to be the best ones. What I love about my boyfriend is this – he sees the beauty in the plainest.

Once, I stand next to him and he’d point clouds and tell me about how they look like from his eyes. I’d sigh and hug him. I feel as if he’s this pure little boy full of appreciation and longing to only beautiful things. Sometimes, we’d go to the sea and just get lost among the waves. Most people are busy with their lives but we, the two of us, we take things slow.

As artists, we are both melancholic and romantic. Sometimes too alike that it becomes so intense. But who cares? Many people have let life pass by not spending it with someone who mirrors who they are. Because it is scary like that. But I started not to fear anything. I just let it be.

There are days when we should feel we deserve the most beautiful things. For me, he happened. And he, today – is still with me.

The nights will surely be sensual. The days, dreamy. I am ready.

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