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It was an offer no one could refuse. At least to his mind. Who in their right mind would not want to spend their days in leisure with no thought of bills being late, or of any thought except what to buy or wear? He was a good looking guy, and he wasn’t the sort to abuse anyone, even in anger. All of her needs would be taken care of. So what was the deal? It wasn’t as if he was offering her chump change. Surely she wasn’t making all that much here at the club. But she turned him down flat, without so much as an explanation. She would rather continue working and scraping by, thank you very much. She then walked away from him without a backward glance.

The nerve of some people, she muttered angrily to herself. It’s not as if they were dating, or even going out, and that so-called proposal came out of nowhere. She was dressing for work as an exotic dancer, someone to make men forget their troubles for a brief amount of time. She was good at it and made a good living fulfilling fantasies for those who came to the club. Tonight was no different, although it started off in a crazy way. She put on her shiny black leather bustier. It wrapped tightly around her body, with a vee in front that barely covered her full breasts. The light-weight chains crossed in front of the vee, giving just a hint of covering, but not much. The bustier stopped at her tiny waistline and the only other covering was a bit of a thong that concealed enough to tantalize as she danced. She hoped that he would take his joke of a proposal and leave. She didn’t need to be distracted from her work.

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Because nothing beats Bob Marley for us, we had to make the trip happen.I and my boyfriend have been the biggest fans. We met because of our common fondness for freedom and reggae. At some point, we talked about visiting the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica, to really see where our idol grew up and where he molded his dreams. We were crazy about getting to know what influenced him, how his environment made him the peace-loving, freedom-fighting man that he was. Both of us worked hard and saved lots of money. Each day unfolded, we watched our savings rose up and we were so excited about the chance to travel.

In our free time, we would daydream together, made some plans and researched online on where to stay, what to eat, how to make the best experience without spending too much cash. We wanted to try hitchhiking. We also aspired to make love wildly in every hostel we would get into. Just thinking about all those made us feel young and alive. He mentioned to me the great possibilities of smoking good stuff. It would be a first time for me just in case. Getting stoned in the Caribbean? I could not ask for more!

Days before the flight, we packed our things. We had to ensure that we would not have any trouble in our week-long escapade. Of course, I made sure I had with me my sexiest bikinis and my sun tanning oil. I imagined the pristine beaches, the sunny disposition of the locals, the drum beats, and the sultriness of everything. It was pure bliss already. The day of our dreams arrived. To make the whole trip great, we decided not to make prior reservations and such. But of course, I brought my extra leather corset for those hot nights.

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