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Time moved slowly. As she sat at a corner booth, she could see people come and go from the dimly lit, smoky bar. She sat there, idly stirring her untouched drink with a swizzle stick and quietly observing the people that chose to stay. Her short auburn hair partially covered her face, and her short flirty dress drew the gazes of many of the men and women who were there. Little did they realize she purposely dressed for attention. Being attractive was a necessity as a predator. It allowed the prey to become comfortable and let its guard down. Only then would she strike. Shortly before closing, she decided that she would not get to hunt tonight. Many of the patrons were already drunk when they came in, or proceeded to become that way quickly after arriving. She supposed that the alcohol wouldn’t really bother her, but she hated the taste of it in her prey’s blood. It made feeding rather unenjoyable, and she wasn’t desperate this night. As she was getting ready to leave, someone who had just came in caught her attention. He was easily over six feet tall, and wore a leather jacket and pants that molded perfectly to his muscular body. Under his jacket was a white t-shirt that had seen better days. His dark brown hair was in need of a trim and his dark chocolate eyes were bright and clear of any intoxication. He glanced her way, and she smiled shyly at him. “Do you want a drink?” he asked politely. “No, but I’d rather have you.” was her bold reply. Shrugging his shoulders, he followed her out to her car. Handing him her keys, she opened her door to get in the passenger side. Realizing that he was to drive, he circled around to the driver’s side and got in. “Where to?” She gave him the address, and when he pulled out of the parking lot, she began plotting the hunt.

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