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Dawn was approaching. The sun was edging over the horizon, and the night was giving way to the pinks and reds of the day. He found her out on the private balcony. She was looking out at the ocean, lost in her own private thoughts. He thought her captivating, and slowly came up behind her. As he stood behind her, he thought about their evening together. A wild night of passion and abandonment. Neither held anything back from the other. He stroked her arms softly as he too was lost in memories.

She startled to his touch, but then leaned into his strength. Her waist length hair was tangled from the night, but the raven black tresses still were soft to the touch. He smoothed them away from her neck and leaned in to kiss her, bringing his hands around her waist. She still wore that sexy corset, but nothing else. It was black leather with purple lace trimmed around the top and bottom. It molded to her body and showed off her slim waist and rounded hips. The corset came up under her breasts and highlighted them to perfection. She raised her arms up the length of his and brought her hands to his neck. She left herself open for his exploration, and he welcomed the opportunity.

He smoothed his hands up her waistline, moving his hands to hold her rounded globes and feel their weight. She went pliant in his arms and he swung her around that he might fasten his mouth to hers. She murmured her consent into his mouth and opened up to his gentle insistence. The morning rays warmed their skin as they made their way back to their bed, eager to continue the evening’s pleasure in the light of day.

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